The BYU Arabic STARTALK program is sponsored by the National Middle East Language Resource Center, whose headquarters are at Brigham Young University. For more information, contact the center at arabicstartalk@byu.edu.

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    STARTALK is a national, federally funded program designed to expand and improve both student learning and teacher training in strategically important world languages in the U.S.

    STARTALK programs are designed to get students to Start Talking these languages. Arabic is one of the most important!


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"The STARTALK Arabic camp was the best thing our daughter has done. We are looking forward to continuing with her Arabic as well as a trip to the Middle East to 'practice'. Thank you for exposing her to such a life changing experience. She is looking forward to returning to camp next summer."


2016 Program

We did not apply for STARTALK funding for 2016. Please send questions to arabicstartalk@byu.edu

If you want a full STARTALK experience, you can get a feel for the options typically available around the country at: https://startalk.umd.edu/



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